It’s time to learn some yoga poses!

Whether you’re comfortable on a yoga mat or you think a downward dog is just something your puppy does, you’re in the right place.

We teach yoga as part of Nerd Fitness Prime (we have a whole course on it!) and today we’ll share with you the top 21 poses for beginners

Want a yoga practice for people who don’t do yoga? Learn more here!

Our yoga poses are broken out into three levels, for you to progress in difficulty. What can I say, we love leveling up here at Nerd Fitness. Most of our poses are basic, Level One, in case you are completely new to yoga. However, we’ll include a few more advanced poses for further advancement.

We’ll start by discussing a little Yoga 101, in case you are totally lost right now and don’t know yoga from yogurt. If you wanna skip to your desired video or pose, just click on it.

Super Sweet Sequence Covering Basic Yoga Poses

Basic Yoga Poses (Level 1)

Beginner Yoga Poses (Level 2)

Intermediate Yoga Poses (Level 3)

Yoga Stretches for Desk Workers

Roll out the matt! Let’s do some yoga.


Yoga means lots of different things to different people… like Windfarm Yoga apparently, to the woman in the photo above. As one…

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