If you want lean, strong legs, and a firm butt, then squats are for you!

What is a squat?

A squat is a strength training exercise for your lower body. The bodyweight exercise targets quads, glutes, hamstrings, and even your core gets involved when you squat.

Because all these muscle groups come along to the squat party, you burn many more calories than if you were to do isolated exercises targeting each of those muscles.

Squatting is much more functional than isolated exercises (i.e. quad extensions or hamstring curls). Whether you’re a runner, biker, or just want a great behind, the simultaneous strengthening of different muscle groups helps to prevent injury and improve performance. 

Talk about more bang for your buck for your leg day workout!

Now, before we get started with these 20 squat variations, watch this video to ensure you are performing the basic bodyweight squat properly and safely:

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If a leg day workout is your favorite training session of the week, then you’re going to love these squat variations!

Good to know:

These are all bodyweight squat variations, but feel free…

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