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When you head out for a run, you expect to have tired legs, burning lungs, and general exhaustion — what you don’t often expect to have is lower or upper back pain during or after running.

But surprisingly enough, back pain amongst runners is a very common thing, particularly in less experienced runners, those with improper running technique, or weak back and glute muscles (which is most of us!).

So if you’ve ever experienced back pain when running, you know just how annoying and painful it can be.


Back pain is common and can have other complex causes unrelated to running (such as stress). Even though it’s often not serious, it’s smart to be cautious. Consult your doctor — especially if you feel unwell and pain spreads to the leg (numbness/tingling) or does not improve with rest. When in doubt, check it out!

In the following article we’ll answer your most common questions:

Why do we get back pain while running, anyway?

If you think about it, your back has an enormous role to play when it comes to running.

When you run, you have to hold your body upright — sometimes for a very long time. 

In order to do this, your back has to work with the rest of your body to keep you moving and upright. If your muscles are…

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