10 Effective Push-Up Variations to Build Muscle

If you haven’t started incorporating push-ups into your workout routine, start now! Push-ups are great for the entire upper body including the chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps, as well as a real challenge for your core and glutes. Whether you are a workout beginner or fitness pro, this functional bodyweight move is a must in your fitness routine and here are 10 push up variations for you to try.

Beginner:1. Wall Push-Offs and Wall Push-Ups

This variation of push ups is performed on an incline (your upper body higher than your lower body) using a wall or step. The greater the angle of your body and the ground, the easier it is. Place your hands on the incline and lower down into a push-up. Then, push yourself up powerfully until your hands release from the incline, keep your core nice and tight and then go right back down into the next push-up. Make sure you land with soft elbows to avoid hyperextension.

Are you a beginner?

Start with easy wall push-offs (with your elbows slightly bent) before you add push-ups.

2. Inclined Push-ups

Are wall push-ups too easy for you? Then you’re ready for the next level. Use a chair or a box and do your push-ups off of it. Make sure your hands are directly below your chest and that your core…

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